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Make a carreer writing and selling articles to webmasters. Easy freelancer Tips.


Writing and Selling Articles to Webmasters

Writing and selling articles to webmasters is often over-looked by many article writers. In fact, this is a niche that many writers can make decent money from when actively writing on a full-time basis.

Why sell Articles to webmasters?

Webmasters are constantly looking to add new and unique content to their websites. This especially applies to webmasters serious about search engine optimisation and Google Pagerank. A fact is that there are thousands of webmasters from around the world who are constantly looking to buy new content for their websites on webmaster communities around the Internet.

Why do webmasters buy articles?

Many webmasters are maintaining a large number of websites at any given moment, as each website will generate some form of income. There are a number of webmasters maintaining hundreds of websites at any given point in time. Due to this, these webmasters are not in a position to create new and unique content themselves and buy content advertised on webmaster communities.

A large number of webmasters do not see themselves as article or content writers and find this process as difficult. In order to ensure quality content, these webmasters often approach writers to write articles on their behalf.

Potential to sell articles

Articles on virtually any topic will be acquired by webmasters. Webmasters maintain websites on a large variety of topics, making it easy for writers to compile any article they have knowledge and experience on.

Website owners, however, are constantly looking to buy articles at cost-effective rates. Depending on the quality of the writers' content, a 300 – 500 word article can easily be sold at an amount of $4 and upwards.

Article writers looking to make a lot of money for articles are warned that these articles will have competition when being sold on webmaster communities. It is highly suggested that markets be searched elsewhere for these types of writers to sell their content.

Joining webmaster communities

One advantage of starting selling articles to webmasters is the fact that any person can join a webmaster community at no costs. Once a member writers are free to advertise their articles, generally at no costs, on these communities.

Often, some communities require a newcomer to post a number of posts on their forums before starting advertising. This can easily be achieved by taking part in their online discussions.

Recommended webmaster communities include Digital Point, www.digitalpoint.com and Namepros, www.namepros.com

Also you can write one article and then use article re-writing or spinning software to make 5-10 from one article and still pass a copyscape test. That way one article can be sold 5-10 times.

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